JJ Watt Broken Leg Raises Career Question

Watt’s leg from Sunday evening of game, And we shouldn’t link to it. But the image shows it all. Watt’s knee bent in a fashion that isn’t natural. We’re accustomed to seeing Watt do superhuman things. Beat double competitors. Leap over tall tackles in an bound. Raise vast amounts for a beleaguered, Storm condensed city. The one thing Watt doesn’t do is deflect bullets or command starships. Most NFL battlers are not of this Earth, But Watt regarded four or five most physically gifted ones. Yet small children, Yet again, That even these men of steel can be felled by a single awkward move that tears a soft tissue or worse. The Texans announcedWatt suffered a tibial plateau fracture in his left leg against the gambling. Dez Bryant had a similar injury yr after and missed three games. But Watt’s injury looks like it’s more serious. He’s out for the growing season, According toJohn McClainof the Houston share, And others. Doctor. David Chaooffered far more details, Including possible long running effects, On theSan Diego nation Tribune. Is this tragic? At this point season, Obviously. But the more expensive question: What happens to Watt’s career dancing? That was the big story emerging from the Chiefs’ 42 34 conquer the Texans. The game itself was required, But not as essential as the Watt news and his future. He’s 28 yoa. That isn’t just too old in the NFL, But for a defensive player coming off two back procedures and a nasty knee injury, It is fair to wonder whether we previously seen the best of Watt. Bob Levey/Getty design Watt stands for the splendor and power and danger of the NFL. How these leaders move with such speed and power, But also how easily they might be felled. Even a player as strong as Watt. Watt is the three time Defensive Player of the season. His rise and play was akin to dramatic rise and play of legends like Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White. It is not an exaggeration. This may be a fact. He is so good. It’s precise, Yet, What’s going to Watt now. The adventure is wearing his body down. Even in this maliciously chaotic sport, Watt has experienced what are the worst the NFL can give. The only way that hasn’t happened chronically to Watt(That we believe of) Is a variety of serious concussive head blows. This was yet another violent day in the most violent of sports. An additional star, Odell Beckham, Broken his ankle. Three otherGiants stereos were hurt. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce suffered a head trauma. Watt’s injury is particularly significant because, Nothing like the Giants, The Texans had the best chance to make a deep playoff run. The team has found something which has been missing during Watt’s entire tenure in Houston: The best quarterback. Insulating lineman Jadeveon Clowney is a budding star, While other players on the defense can play at a advanced level. Loosing Watt, Whereas, Is a lot like losing a Beatle. Quite possibly Beyonce. If any player can purchase and still dominate, It’s w. Perhaps, This particular so. I interviewed Watt one on one previously. We sat in a room in the bowels of NRG Stadium. We spoke for 30 units, But it only took 30 seconds to tell Watt was an electric identity. Combine that individuality with extreme talent and there was Watt.

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